About Us

When we launched Atlantic Bed Bug Inspection in the Spring of 2010, it was with the idea that one of the best-trained dogs in the country would supplement our ability to ability to provide a high quality visual bed bug inspection.

We’ve since become one of the country’s most experienced bed bug inspection companies because we’ve continued to provide as much service to our customers as possible, from the time we receive the phone call, to the time we spend with our customers at the inspection location. Our bed bug inspections are as thorough as any inspection in the industry, as we supplement our top-tier K9 inspections with experienced, licensed visual inspections. Additionally, the bed bug preventative products we offer to our customers on site allows their problem & concerns to be addressed immediately.

Our bed bed inspector and K9 handler, Eric Miller, has as much on site visual inspection experience as any inspector currently servicing this problem, having overseen over 2100 individual locations in New York City, New York, and New Jersey in the 3 years prior to employing a dog for bed bug scent detection. From single-family private homes to apartments, and from commercial space to industrial warehouses, Eric has the experience you should expect when hiring someone to perform your inspection.

Our feature dog “Payo” is a graduate of the J&K Canine Academy, which is nationally recognized as one of the leading bed bug scent detection training facility in the country. Payo’s performance has been recognized & certified by NESDCA – the leading national organization that verifies the qualifications of bed bug-detecting dogs.  In the 2nd half of 2010 Payo performed as many bed bug inspections as any dog in the industry, and she hasn’t looked back – Payo is one of the few dogs in the industry to never have failed a NESDCA certification.

In February of 2016, we added a 2nd K9 to our bed bug inspection arsenal.  Her name is Maggie – a beautiful 4 year old beagle – and she supplements the work Payo does incredibly well.  Having both K9’s at our disposal insures that we’re never bringing a tired K9 to any residence or business hiring us to perform an inspection.

The combination of canine and licensed visual inspections we provide gives you the experience you should expect when hiring a bed bug inspection company. Additionally, our independent status has resulted in a bed bug inspection our customers trust most, because we don’t have a vested-interest in the outcome of the inspection.  Our pledge is to troubleshoot your needs competently and professionally at all times.

From homewoners and apartment building residents to large corporations or striving small businesses, we invite your phone calls with the promise that we’re able to answer your most difficult bed bug questions informatively and patiently, and then provide the detection service you need presentably and honestly.