Successful NESDCA Re-certification # 5

On February 21st, 2019,  our K9 teams were successfully re-certified in Florida by NESDCA for the 10th time in as many tries.   Our bed bug K9 inspection teams continues to meet the highest standards set forth by the NPMA Learn more

Is It Possible That I Have Only 1 Bed Bug?

When I receive a call from a potential customer, one of the things I’m told very frequently is, “I think I might have bed bugs.” Not a bed bug, but bed bugs (plural). It’s a natural, commonplace way to describe Learn more

Bed Bugs: 0 to 60 in 40 days

In the 12 years since New York City saw it’s first wide-scale increase in bed bug occurances & infestations, one problem has remained painfully clear:  how quickly an infestation can go from as few as 1 bed bug to as Learn more

Treating Bed Bugs With Heat

At the National Pest Management Association-sponsored Bed Bug Summit in Denver, Colorado 5 years ago, it was clear that the most sponsored portion of the event was companies advertising different forms of heat solutions to combat bed bug infestations. Our Learn more

How Do I Prepare For My Bed Bug K9 Inspection?

Once you’ve made the decision to utilize a highly-trained K9 to provide a bed bug inspection,  there are things we’ve learned from our dog’s trainer (J&K Canine Academy), as well extensive field work that can help insure you’re getting as good Learn more

Does Suffocating Bed Bugs Work?

Over the years, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a bed bug infested residence, and talked with customers that become extremely frustrated as they face the task of solving a bed bug problem. “What if there Learn more

Bed Bug False Alarms

As 2018 proceeds, it’s our opinion that the bed bug problem in New York City is as bad as it’s ever been.  A difference between now and 2010, when bed bugs reached a fever pitch in the media, is that Learn more

Don’t Sit In The Subway

Bed bugs have managed to stay out of the media’s eye for quite some time, but stories like this one, which have been popping up all over the internet this summer, are alarming: At Atlantic Bed Bug Inspection, we’d add Learn more

Bed Bug Bites

Typically, the first sign that someone has reason to believe that they might have a bed bug problem in their home is the presence of a bite (or bites).   It’s the one thing that most frequently results in customers initiating a bed Learn more

Bed Bugs – The Bad Luck Lottery

One of the things we’ve dealt with for many years – almost daily – is how frustrated (even devastated) someone can get when they learn they have have a bed bug infestation.   We’re always willing to lend an ear Learn more