Bed Bugs & Over The Counter Products

As bed bug infestations generally increase in the springtime, we receive a lot of phone calls from customers asking what can they do to prevent the problem in advance, or, if they have found bed bugs, what kinds of products Learn more

Property/Office Managers and Bed Bug Inspections

In 2016, the bed bug prognosis was unfortunate.  Bar none, it was the worst year we’ve seen for bed bug infestations yet, and it was even worse than 2010, when a media frenzy regarding bed bugs lead to many people Learn more

Defining a K9’s 97.5% accuracy rate

Dogs have won the battle of which bed bug inspection method is best, just has dogs had long ago won the battle of which method is best for bomb detection.  What our Federal government learned after many years of study, many years Learn more

Cold Weather Continues to Help Stop Bed Bugs in Their Tracks

As we’ve written about previously at Atlantic Bed Bug Inspection, we’ve noticed that the bed bug problem in the tri-state area has become a year-round epidemic. This intensity has been maintained the last 2 years particularly, and we’re not seeing Learn more

As 2015 Begins, Where Are We With Bed Bugs?

As 2014 concludes, we’ve seen bed bug infestations evolve into a year-round problem in New York and New Jersey, and the trade shows we attend tell us the problem continues to spread nationally. Cities and states that didn’t have bed Learn more

Is It Possible That I Have Only 1 Bed Bug?

When I receive a call from a potential customer, one of the things I’m told very frequently is, “I think I might have bed bugs.” Not a bed bug, but bed bugs (plural). It’s a natural, commonplace way to describe Learn more

The Negatives of Plastic & Vinyl Mattress & Box Spring Encasements

Of all the measures one can take to fight a bed bug infestation, our opinion is the fight begins before you ever have a bed bed problem, and that’s with the mattress encasements you may choose to put on your Learn more

Why Bed Bug Preparation Has Never Been More Important

As warmer weather has finally approached, we’ve seen a noticable spike in bed bug infestations within the past couple of weeks.   Unfortunately, we’re seeing an alarming trend with where we’re finding bed bugs within apartments & homes, which poses Learn more

A Bed Bug’s Achilles Heel: Extreme Cold Weather

This winter, the tri-state area has experienced one of its coldest winters in years.   Nationally, record cold temperatures & consistent snow falls resulted in airlines cancelling more flights in January and February (2014) than they had at any point Learn more

Successful re-certification # 4 (2013)

On March 1st, 2013,  our K9 team was successfully re-certified in Florida by NESDCA for the 4th time in as many tries!   In an environment where many K9’s have no certification whatsoever, and where many companies are “self-certifying” their K9 Learn more