Our K9 Teams – Successfully NESDCA Certified 10 Years Running

It’s been almost nine years since we made the decision to purchase a bed bug detecting dog, and as our most recent re-certification tests took place on February 21rd, 2019, we’re happy to say that both our teams passed with flying colors!   Our bed bug K9 team continues to have always been actively and properly certified, with no lapses, and our teams have never failed a certification.

We currently utilize two K9’s for scent detection on a regular basis:  Payo (a 10 year old terrior/Jack Russell mix) and Maggie (a 4 year old beagle).   Both of these K9’s are in good standing with their NESDCA certification.   

As the NESDCA certification process insures that a bed bug team’s ability to find bed bugs has been tested and verified by an independent organization, you can rest assured that the highest standards available for Entomology Scent Detection Canines are being followed by our K9 team at all times.

We’ve noticed that many K9 teams that were NESDCA certified in the past are no longer certified now, either because:  the K9 team is no longer working in the field, or because the K9 team has chosen not to re-certify, or, because the K9 team has failed its re-certification.   This goes without saying:  you should be able to determine if a K9 team is certified, and when or where that K9 team was certified.

The process our K9 team had to follow in order to pass our certification is detailed, and here’s a link to anyone interested in knowing exactly what a K9 team has to do to achieve certification.

In the seven years since we purchased our first bed bug dog, our bed bug K9 inspection team became one of the most experienced teams in the industry for a variety of reasons:

  • Our independent bed bug inspection company status: It became clear that by the summer of 2010, public opinion had turned in favor in hiring a bed bug inspection company that had no vested-interest in the outcome of the bed bug search, as opposed to a pest control-owned K9 that had a vested-interest in the outcome. It’s not to say that a dog owned by a pest control company is not qualified to perform an accurate bed bug search. But, with the price of remediation being what it is in the tri-state area, consumers realized it was in their best interest to use independent search companies.
  • The training pedigree: our dog trained at a company (J&K Canine Academy) that exceeds every standard for Entomology Scent Detection Canines training that exists. The 97.5% statistic used to verify the accuracy of bed bug dogs was achieved by one company only: J&K Canine Academy. No other company in the country has ever had its dogs tested by a 3rd party accredited university (as the University of Florida did with J&K Canine’s dogs), and the entire industry is borrowing a statistic that only J&K Canine has achieved.
  • National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association – Simply put, NESDCA assures that the highest standards for Entomology Scent Detection Canines are being met at all times.
  • Our ability to provide licensed visual inspections – Most independent bed bug inspection companies have no visual inspection experience to fall back on. In our case, we’d performed over 2,100 individual visual inspections in the 3 years before purchasing a K9 to help us with bed bug detection. While there’s no question that a dog is more qualified to find bed bugs than a human being is, the public has come to expect that a visual inspection accompany the findings of a dog, and we agree. We continue to provide a visual inspection at every location we service, and, we’re licensed to do so.