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K9 Inspection

The best way to determine whether or not bed bugs are present in your home or business is by using a highly-trained K9 to detect them. When the University of Florida independently tested J & K Canine Academy dogs to find bed bugs in a hotel room environment, the confirmed success rate was 97.5%. When the University of Kentucky endorsed the use of bed bug detecting dogs in 2008, they said the “reliability of the dogs has been impressive provided they are properly trained.” With our feature canines, Payo and Maggie, you get exactly what the universities of Florida and Kentucky are endorsing: reliable, accurate bed bug dogs. Both dogs are friendly and qualified – the on-site experience Payo gained in the 2nd half of 2010 made her one of the most utilized bed bug K9’s in the country.  Maggie (as well as Payo) has received the highest level of training in the United States, having been trained at J & K Canine Academy, and she’s achieved the highest standard of certification available, having been certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association. As we were one of the 1st independent NESDCA bed bug inspection companies in the tri-state area (and the 1st in New Jersey), Payo and Maggie have the experience necessary to handle even the most difficult bed bug inspections.  Both K9’s have good energy, yet they’re also methodical and disciplined dogs. When our dogs determine bed bugs are present at a location, it allows you to begin the remediation process quickly. Yet when the dogs don’t detect, it saves you countless hours of unneeded preparation, not to mention the expenses associated with remediation. You’ll get much deserved peace of mind as well.
(For an excellent article on how K9 scent detection works, please Click Here. )

Licensed Visual Inspection

As accurate and reliable as K9 inspections have turned out to be in locating bed bugs, the public’s preference that visual inspections accompany a dog’s findings has been a welcomed development at our company. Our experience with providing visual inspections was in place long before we employed a dog to detect bed bugs, having had inspected thousands of individual locations in New York City and New Jersey in the 3 years prior to our bed bug K9 purchase. The majority of independent bed bug inspection companies that are currently utilizing K9’s for bed bug detection have no visual inspection experience to fall back on at all. Even pest control companies are hiring dog handlers that have no experience visually inspecting for bed bugs. Yet visual bed bug inspections are not easy, and the best pest control companies & technicians in the tri-state area can confirm this. It requires detailed knowledge of how bed bugs live and breathe, an understanding of where bed bugs will deploy themselves, signs an inspector needs to be able to identify when bed bugs are present, and then the patience and work ethic needed to properly search for these insects. The most experienced bed bug inspector will often times have a tough time locating a bed bug infestation, especially when a small number of bed bugs are present. When we were inspecting for bed bugs at one of New York City’s highest volume pest control companies, we learned that there wasn’t a place in an apartment or home where bed bugs wouldn’t be found when the infestation was heavy. Inspections were always more difficult to perform when infestations were light, because the result would often be inconclusive. Yet having the experience at our back was vital in conducting the search. Our commitment to our customers includes visually supporting our dog’s findings, and we’re able to do with the experience you should expect from a bed bug inspection company.

Experienced Advice

Our experience with bed bugs extends far beyond determining their presence in your home or business, and we can’t stress enough that should you ask us for guidance with preparation measures, remediation means, or preventative advice, we can’t stress enough that any advice we share is not profit motivated – we’re simply willing to share our experienced opinion to help you proceed with your problem the best way possible (should you ask for it, of course). While working at one of New York City’s highest-volume pest control companies, we guided thousands of customers through the preparation process.  Three-to-four years ago, preparation involved a long list of time-consuming measures that may or may not have been necessary, but had to be taken because the level and locations of an infestation weren’t always known.   Our K9’s ability to determine your areas of infestation, combined with the visual inspection we’re qualified and licensed to provide, can now help determine the preparation measures and remediation method you eventually choose to undertake. As we’re keenly aware of every remediation method currently available to the public, we can competantly and patiently discuss all of their pluses and minuses with you.   Additionally, their are immediate actions you can take once you’re aware of an infestation that can go a long way towards solving your bed bug problem in a very short period of time, especially if your infestation is a light one.  There will be times when you can attempt to solve a bed bug problem yourself, and times where a licensed pest control company is your best option. What we always promise to provide is professional & courteous guidance – anytime you need it.  Your phone calls are always welcomed to our company, even if you don’t wind up needing our inspection service.