In the fight against bed bugs, our full service commitment extends to recommending the best products in the industry, and answering any questions about their uesfulness at any time.  The 3 products we recommend on our website have become rather easy to find online, and you can these sometimes find these (or similar, high quality) products at local retailers as well.

Zapp Bug Portable Bed Bug Heater

  • A safe, non-chemical way to protect your personal items from bed bugs

People have used the ZappBug not only as a way to treat individual items that may contain bed bugs, but also as a preventative measure following vacations, business trips, etc. The ZappBug chamber slowly heats to a temperature above 120 degrees, and then any bed bugs inside the chamber will start to die. This product is great for many items, including clothing, books, shoes, and luggage, and its cost will be offset by not having to incur expensive dry-cleaning bills, not having to go back and forth to the laundry mat, and being able to remediate items that can’t be chemically treated.

ZappBug Oven 2 – New! The best heating chamber available just got bigger and better. Twice as large as the standard ZappBug, the ZappBug Oven 2 can heat twice as many items as the ZappBug in the same amount of time. Check-in size luggage now fits inside this heating device, which will put you at ease when you return from vacations and want to make sure your luggage is bed-bug free. Additionally, a clothing rack is provided so that you can heat up to 30 shirts at a time without wrinkling them. Continue to avoid dry-cleaning bills and trips to the laundrymat with the ZappBug line of products.

Safe Rest Sleep Products

  • Mattress Encasements
  • Box Spring Encasements
  • Pillow covers

These Safe Rest products help you protect and bring your bedding under control immediately. They guarantee 360 degree security: nothing gets in, and nothing gets out. Whether you’re trapping a bed bug infestation inside a box spring, or taking away a primary hiding spot from a bed bug, bed bug encasements are without question one of the best decisions you’ll make. You won’t have to discard an expensive, comfortable mattress, and the encasements are as comfortable to sleep on as your linens are.

ClimbUp Insect Interceptors

  • Protection for your bedding
  • Environmentally friendly

The ClimbUp interceptor was designed with bed bugs in mind, and the barrier they form when placed underneath the legs of your bed frame is both a fantastic preventative measure, as well as a way to trap an existing infestation. Studies have shown that ClimbUps placed in other areas in a room may also trap bed bugs, as bed bugs have a natural inclination to climb vertically. They’re easy to put in place, and very easy to maintain.  ClimbUps without question should be a part of any bed bug remediation solution, and they are a sensible preventative measure as well.